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St George

St George’s Flag

Saint George was an early Christian martyr. Nothing is absolutely certain about whom he really was or about his life as over the years stories have been exaggerated and elaborated almost beyond recognition. George was thought to have been born in Cappadocia in Eastern Asia Minor to Christian parents. It is possible that when his father died he returned to Palestine, his mother’s home where he joined the Roman army. The Emperor at that time began to campaign against the Christians. George did not like that, he would not give up his faith or persecute Christians so eventually he was tortured and died about 303 at Lydda in Palestine.

St George is the patron saint of England and many children are brought up with the story of how he slayed the dragon to free the maiden and in doing so saved her life. St. George is a very popular Saint, and has been since the sixth century. There are many tales to be found in the Greek, Latin, Armenian, Coptic, Turkish and Ethiopian cultures. He is not only the patron Saint of England but many other countries too - Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice. He is not only the patron saint of countries but also soldiers, archers and the cavalry, farmers, field workers, horse riders and many people who are seriously ill with diseases such as leprosy. 

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