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The Seer of Parledale

Published by Ryan Morning at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Ryan Morning

The Seer of Parledale

(and other lies)


They said that she’d predicted… well, everything. With perfect accuracy.

Quinn didn’t know who “they” were, exactly, and neither did any of the townsfolk he’d talked to. In the eternal traditions of the rumour mill, someone’s auntie’s fiancé’s maid had heard tell of X happening long after she’d predicted X. Whether it was crop failures, the success of a business, the fate of a lost kid…

It was the seer’s predictions of bandit activity that really made Quinn suspicious. In his book, this woman was poisoning farmland, sabotaging the competition, kidnapping children and associating with cutthroats. The idea that she had seen the future was superstitious rubbish and he found it a mite irksome that, contrary to everything he’d heard about Ancient culture, they weren’t trying to burn her at the stake for witchcraft.

If not a witch, she was certainly a liar. There were computers that could estimate outcomes and perform admirably, but they weren’t infallible. Seeing the future was utterly impossible.

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