A Little Mermaid’s Under the Sea Adventure

By Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

Once upon a time in an underwater kingdom of the deep blue sea there lived a little mermaid princess named Lily. Lily was the youngest of three mermaid sisters. At 15, Lily was just getting old enough to swim out of the Merman Palace by herself. She had never been around in the ocean all by herself before and was eager to go off on an adventure!

The day after her 15th birthday, Lily decided to go with her dolphin friend Cory out on their little adventure. Lily had been waiting for Cory to show up all morning and finally retrieved Cory from his sleep. Cory, who also lived at the Palace, had slept until noon, but he was now ready to go on their adventure under the sea. So Lily and Cory carefully swam past the crusty crab guards outside the palace doors. Lily was a little afraid still of going anywhere on her own, so she was happy that she had Cory to go with her.

The two of them swam very fast at first, past ocean beds of seaweed and little sea horses and leafy sea dragons drifting along in the ocean currents. They saw sea anemones and small fish swimming to and fro, of all the bright colors of the rainbow. They escaped from a long-armed octopus’ tentacles as they swam past him quickly. Lily liked the strange floating white jellyfish and stopped to have a good look at one. But she dared not look too closely, for the jellyfish had a stinger that could sting her. She also liked the big sea turtles swimming past.

“What do you think he is going to do?” Said Cory all of a sudden, pointing towards the big dark grouper hovering among the seaweed. “I hope he doesn’t want to take a bite out of us.”

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