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Ya cotton-pickin’ zees. We ain’t gonna let-’

We silence their noises and then we all fight for a share of the prize - it feels good to be back with my own kind. I remember the horrible food and tests they subjected me to. It is sheer luck that I am free, although my mind is now infected by demons that agitate to be unleashed. I attempt to quell their restlessness by claiming my share of the spoils.

My brain quivers.

A wave of nausea overcomes me as I lose control of my world. I am a captive to these proceedings - the demons rule my mind now. They scheme together as they massage new thoughts into being. I cannot help thinking why, as I look over the drama that unfolds. I wonder why just a few moments earlier I would have given anything to be among my own kind. Why was I so fixated on blood and brains just moments earlier? Why do I think?

The demons whisper and now I hunger for something else.


Chapter 1: Survive

Humans are the bane of my existence. They always turn out to be a thorn in my side when our paths cross. They want to capture me, study me or mount me as some form of trophy. As far as I am concerned, the less involvement I have with them the better my chances of survival.

Humanity can be categorised into four distinct groups: Yahoos, Government, Military and Activists. Yahoos are easily dealt with and easily identified by their calls, crass music and penchant for trophies. Government folk are just annoying, with minimal risk to my existence as far as I am concerned. The military are a dangerous bunch, but they have managed to avoid my attempts to provide them with my personal feedback … so far.

Activists are the worst of them all. Sure, they may mean well, but if I am the focus of their cause, I might just disagree with the way they go about helping me. These Activists stand for the Humane Treatment of Zombies because, as they like to preach, zombies are humans too but just a little less civilised. Mind you, they have been pretty successful over the years. They have government support and the public like the idea that they can improve their living standards while helping those less fortunate. They can even take a personal approach by sponsoring a Zombie, “For Less Than One Dollar-a-Day.”

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