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Watch a video testimonial from Ellie Hirschfield from Las Vegas, Nevada:

Dear Beth Walker: I wanted to thank you for your services with College Funding Coaches. I just recently completed my first year at U.C. Berkeley and I absolutely love the school. The research and information College Funding Coaches provided me with definitely helped me make the right choice. This summer I am working as a Summer Intern for a law firm! I hope everything is going well and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best, Shannon Larson, San Francisco, CA

Dear Beth, We wanted you to know how much we appreciate you! College Funding Coaches has offered our son and family timely and knowledgeable college advice.  For example, you practically insisted we visit several different types of colleges and schedule a tour, including a meeting with the Director of the specific degree my son is interested in.  We did, and it opened our eyes and provided clarity - I tell people it would be like buying a house and not going to look at it or talk to the owner/agent. This is our first son to head off to college and I honestly could not have navigated the myriad of information and "suggestions" without your help and Stuart help at College Funding Coaches. Thank you. ~Bonnie Helms, Nevada

Dear Beth, Our son truly is enjoying college so far, but understands that he is there on a scholarship and needs to keep his grades up! He is taking 18 credits this semester and says that he feels confident that he can pull off good grades even while training for track! Like he says- "he was groomed for college from the time he was born." He says that he expects to do well and won't accept anything less of himself.  Thanks so much for everything that both you and Beth have done!! I will keep you posted when he his track season starts. ~Joanalyn Corbilla-Fagaragan

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