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Jeff Munoz

Copyright 2012 by Jeff Munoz

Smashwords Edition


I couldn’t sit here and pretend that everything was going to be alright, I knew deep down that anything I said could and would probably be used against me. I live in a town called Carryville, which is in the middle of nowhere and right next to these very creepy woods, but we aren’t allowed to go into the woods as there is a myth that a monster lives there and if you go there you’re never seen again.

There are a few major rules to abide by, we are not allowed to read or watch any kind of news media; in fact we hardly watch any TV but when we do every family watches the same thing, Mayor Jacobs said that we have no business following the media or anything related to it. I guess it must feel good to have all this power over such a small town, must make him feel like a real man.

I love to write and as an author I feel that I have the right to freedom of speech; but in Carryville it isn’t tolerated and if any writer stood up and published their work, it would first be burned in the middle of your street as a form of shame, so that the whole town could witness it, then the Government would turn around and tell the whole town how you we’re out to destroy the town. It didn’t matter that you were wrongly accused without a fair trial; it was like authors we’re terrorists or something, another big rule is that nobody is allowed at night after nine and don’t ask me why. I once read in this book of a place called America and I always dreamed of living in a place like that, where you had freedoms and rights; you could go from poor to rich, but most importantly you weren’t told what to do every second of every day.

I’m sixteen right now but soon after I turn seventeen I would be considered a man, school would be over with and I would be assigned a career that I would work even if I hated it until the day I died. I can’t really see how anyone can stand living in this crummy town. If I had a choice or even rights I would for sure not be here today.

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