Weaving the Strands of Love


Lazette Gifford

Copyright 2011 Lazette Gifford

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A storm invariably gathered over the mountains when Prince Idas visited his brother the magician. He'd come to expect the weather and dressed for rain no matter how sunny the weather had been at the Dendari castle. By the time he reached the mountainside, the weather would always have turned cold and wet.

He'd asked Pelias why this always happened, but his younger brother shrugged the question away. Idas suspected the weather reflected Pel's moods. If so, this boded ill. Pelias was on his way to becoming the most powerful magician in the world. Someone who possessed such inherent ability could be a danger to others, until they learned self-control. No one had realized the boy had magic until his teens, long past the time to begin training. So Pelias lived alone in his far tower.

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