Cop Fear

By Deepankar

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‘What the hell is cop fear?’ a friend once asked me. I tried to explain to him that cops gave me the shivers but he scoffed at me. It does seem a bizarre concept to the uninitiated but for people like me it was a living, breathing reality, something I had to struggle against and get the better of every time I saw a cop. I feared cops like I was some common criminal at fault about whom they knew everything and had complete power over. Looking at them, I felt they’d catch me any moment and put me behind bars. There is no mention of such a phenomenon in the medical dictionary. I looked it up to see if it was a syndrome which has been scientifically examined and qualified and if there were any cures. I was not a mental or anything. I was a perfectly normal individual with a condition which many wouldn’t believe because it was rare they had not commonly heard of. However, the internet, the place to find everything, revealed a word called ‘policophobia’ which implied I was not the only one to be stricken with this disease. There were others in the world who shared my fate.

What else could I call this condition of mine if not a disease? It directly affected my brain making it come to a standstill. I would experience near paralysis if a cop came near me. All blood supply to my brain would be cut off and I would become a blubbering idiot. I wouldn’t faint, but there would hardly be much of a difference between me and a corpse. I felt it was high time scientists studied ‘cop phobia’ formally and recognized its importance. I was sure one day they’d discover, it was a medical condition quite similar to the fear of snakes or spiders, and the discoverer might even get the Nobel Prize.

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