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Fit to Burst

By Sofia Bane

Copyright February 2012 Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

“It really is your own fault,” Sonya told me playfully as I shoved my hand between my legs and squirmed.

“I’m not saying it’s not my fault.” I was resisting the urge to speak through gritted teeth. “I’m saying it was stupid of them to not put bathrooms in the middle of the park.” Because they hadn’t, and because Sonya and I had walked a couple miles to the center of the park before I needed to pee, I was trapped, certain that I couldn’t hold out for that entire walk back.

“Chelsea.” Her voice had more sympathy now than it had a moment ago. “Look, if you need to go, just go. We’ll clean you up at home.”

My stomach flipped. Sonya, crazy wonderful girlfriend of mine, was always the more daring one. And, unbeknownst to her, peeing turned me on, in a totally dirty and thrilling way, but I’d never actually tried it out. But there were other people around, and she should at least realize I was not an exhibitionist. Under my thumb, my lower stomach felt tender and distended by my bladder. “But I can’t.” My voice was a little bit of a whine. “I’m not taking my shorts off in public.”

Sonya shook her head, her high brunette ponytail catching the sunlight. “Go in your pants,” she suggested lowly. “Enough to take the edge off, Chels, I hate seeing you in pain.”

Oh god, if I waited much longer, I wouldn’t have a choice. I gasped as a wave of desperation shook me suddenly; it was only luck that my panties weren’t wet yet. Sonya raised her eyebrows at my outburst. “Leaking?”

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