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Creativity and Intention in Evolution

Albert Low


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Albert Low

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Creativity and Intention in Evolution

Charles Darwin has now taken his place as one of the great scientific innovators of all time and has changed for ever the way we see ourselves, and our place in the universe. Even those who hold to the biblical account of creation and see Darwin’s theory as a profound error can no longer take for granted that their beliefs are beyond question. Yet, the debate between the Creationists and the neo-Darwinians continues in full fury. One outcome of this has been to see Darwin’s theory become entrenched as a dogma, defended by evangelical apologists, and no longer a reasonable account of how human beings have evolved from earlier life forms.

While extraordinary progress has been made in the field of genetics, and while we are gradually beginning to understand the mechanisms by which hereditary characteristics are passed on, Darwin’s theory itself has become ossified, resisting change and it remains more or less as Darwin originally wrote it down. According to the famous biologist Ernst Meyr, “five general tenets of evolutionary theory have been discovered in the years since Darwin published his revolutionary book.” 1 Yet all five are intrinsic to Darwin’s theory and cannot be considered to be discoveries made since Darwin published his book. The lack of any real development in Darwin’s theory is all the more surprising because, according to the 2004 Gallup poll, almost 90 percent of Americans polled rejected the neo-Darwinian solution to the mystery of life. Only 12 percent agreed with it. Fifty percent believed that God created the earth and all that lives on earth according to the way described by Genesis.

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