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Powerlines (The Society On Da Run #35)

By Nipaporn Baldwin

Published by Geppetto Garten/Nipaporn Baldwin at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 by Nipaporn Baldwin

e-book edition (smashwords edition)

2/20/12 © 2011 licensed CC-BY-NC


The Powerline structure at Windy Hills Farm neighborhood in Frankfort caused an invisible electromagnetic field. Anyone living by those powerlines is in high risk for cancer. All those houses surrounding those power lines were the high exposure area. Rain had fallen and in its aftermath the gray clouds swallowed up the beautiful blue sky. Cold weather became present here in the middle of May. A blonde girl’s body lay in the mist of the structure. Her body was defiled in the most horrible way. Police and CSI crowded the scene and yellow police tape kept anything unwanted at a safe distance away. They were rushing to collect crucial evidence before the next imminent rainfall.

Brookside Glen Drive was the setting for many luxurious houses for well-to-do families. It was also the killer’s route home. The killer is a young man, age 20 or 23, with short hair and thin plastic glasses. He couldn’t afford frame and whenever he did get frame glasses they were inevitable to break. He kept wiping tears from his face with his trembling hand. Really, he trembled uncontrollably and almost went off road three times. Luckily for him no one was in his path that day. He returned to his home, intent on getting supplies and a few belongings, then leave for Vegas or Phoenix.

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