Having worked on this book off and on for fifteen years, it is almost impossible to remember all of the people who have contributed to this effort. To any I’ve forgotten, I sincerely apologize. I am particularly grateful to friends who read early drafts and contributed valuable ideas for making the book better. Among those, I am especially grateful to are Michael Benson, Jim Christensen, Mitch Walkington and Cindy England, each of whom gave me great suggestions for improving the book. I owe a special debt of gratitude to John T. Child (johntchild.com) for the beautiful cover design. Natalie T. Child proved to be an impeccable proof reader who served to correct countless errors that had previously escaped me.

The person who has contributed the most, however, is my wife, Gail, who has read multiple drafts, providing encouragement along the way and giving me the space (in every conceivable dimension) required to get this done.

Notwithstanding their great contributions, let me point out that any errors that remain in this book are my responsibility.


Neither the author nor any other person associated with this book may be held liable for any damages that may result from following the counsel in this book. No single book of financial advice can be used as a substitute for professional, personalized financial advice. Readers are encouraged to seek financial advice from qualified professionals, including licensed investment advisors, stockbrokers, accountants, insurance agents, attorneys and other qualified individuals.

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