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This book could not have been written without the support and counsel of my friend Naomi of You have done the heavy lifting.

This book is also dedicated to Lynda ā€“ no matter where you are, you make me want to shine.

Rachel Meyers, co-author of Resumes From Hell, remains the best editor (and friend) a guy could ever have.

Most of this book was written at the Northampton Brewery (, a business that has thrived outside the corporate world for more than twenty years. Iā€™d like to thank the current and former staff of the Brewery for putting up with me on the one hand, and providing me with indispensable comradery on the other.

During the year after 9/11, no one in my industry wanted to pay me on anything but incentives ā€“ except Andy Klee of Klee Associates, a bootstrap entrepreneur who left the corporate world and built a business from western Colorado. Andy put his belief in me where it counts: paid work in a rough economy. I would not have been able to finance this book without him.


Beyond those formally credited, many individuals were important to the development and realization of this book ā€“ too many to mention here. Apologies to anyone I have overlooked. Thanks to Will Katz, Sarah Larson, Cheryl Cave, Corrie Greathouse, Hayley Mermelstein, Deliah Rosel, Amy Zuckerman, Brian Trout, The Sullivan Family, Hidden-Tech members, the Hidden-Tech Board, Justin Lavelle, Rusty and Caroline Johnson, the SAP Mentor Community, and my mother for her belief in this project. Morris Rosenthal of remains an indispensable colleague.

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