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Bart the Badger by Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

Cover art by Anne Spackman

Using public domain picture in Wikimedia Commons

Long ago, in a place called Thorny Wood, by a thick grove of trees, lived a badger family. The youngest of all the badger family was a tiny young badger named Bart. Bart’s family lived in a deep burrow beneath an old oak tree. Every morning, the young badgers Bart and his older brother Brandon would poke their striped, furry heads out from the burrow to see what the weather was like. On fine, sunny days, they would go out to play.

The badger family had many neighbors, including a nest of small birds who had made their home in the branches of the old oak tree. Thorny Wood was a lovely place, with many pretty flowers that bloomed in springtime across the neighboring meadow. A stream of running water ran alongside the old oak tree. There, the young badger cubs Bart and Brandon would splash around and play games together in the spring sunshine.

One afternoon, Bart decided to go on an adventure by himself as Brandon slept in the grass beside the stream. Bart wanted to follow the stream alongside the old oak tree to see where it might lead. And so, without telling his brother Brandon where he was going, Bart headed off alongside the stream for quite some time.

The sun grew hot that sunny afternoon, and a light breeze stirred. The wind made a soft singing sound through the trees above the stream. Bart trotted alongside it, looking this way and that at all of the strange, new sights to behold. He saw a few brown mice in the field nearby scurry for cover from a big owl circling high above. Bart continued along the course of the stream a while longer. After some time, Bart saw some curious little fish poking their heads up above the water as if to salute him.

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