Journals of the Damned

By GJ Zukow

Copyright 2012 by GJ Zukow

Smashwords Edition

Journals of the Damned

Volume One

G. J. Zukow


To whom it may concern,

I am submitting for your review two Journals, for inclusion into the Historical records of the Apocalypse, written by my mother and a close friend of hers. I have sent the original journals themselves, along with a transcript of them (included in the body of this message) and have included them as attachments (in standard form) for entry into the database. They are non-fiction, firsthand accounts of those dark days that occurred almost twenty five years ago.

My name is Katherine Lucile Kolkowsky and the first journal belongs to my mother. I'm eighteen years old and I realize that by the time she was my age, her life, and the lives of all who lived through those horrible times, were desperate periods of horror. The two journals cover the majority of the Apocalypse from the beginning, to within a few weeks of eventual collapse of the undead. They serve as a record of the times where the fate of whether humanity would become extinct or not, teetered on the edge of a great precipice. For just over a year and a half the corpses of our parents and grandparents were controlled by the single celled menace named Toxoplasmosa Mondus Omni. My mother recently passed away and I found these tattered and stained books with the rest of her most prized and personal possessions.

The second journal belongs to a man who's name I've heard of before but my mother rarely (almost refused) to talk about. Her difficulty in talking at any length about him isn't due to any anger on her part towards him, it was due to it bringing back extremely grim memories for her. Mr. Phillips' journal ends shortly (only a matter of weeks in fact) before the animated cadavers of our ancestors ceased functioning entirely.

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