The Road Warriors

by William Young

Published at Smashwords by William Young

Copyright 2012 by William Young

Perth, Australia - Day 169

The sun was just up, casting long shadows across the road. Duncan Wiltshire stayed in them, taking careful steps, his eyes constantly searching for the infected. Behind him in other shadows were Gannon Hardcastle and Katrina Blandon. They were waiting on the military helicopter a kilometer away to move off so that they could continue on their way out of the city.

Which was illegal, as the government had issued an official "bug-in" policy, requiring everybody to remain in their homes until the military and government agencies had contained the outbreak. That had worked until the power went out almost two weeks earlier and rumors of the spread of the contagion - zombie plague - had caused a massive panic when nobody could watch the news on television or tune in a radio station. With the sudden disappearance of any information about the plague, everyone had assumed the worst and had been trying to bug out of the city.

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