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Mill Avenue Vexations

Volume Two: The Calm Before

Kyt Dotson

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Copyright © 2005 Kyt Dotson

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Small knots of people walked down the sidewalks of Mill Avenue in the fading light of dusk. The sun had vanished behind the buildings, the cerulean blue of the sky gave way to a soft grey-blue hue, and the clouds painted across it tinted rosy like pink cotton tatters. Even with the dimming sunlight, the giant “A” on A Mountain still gleamed bright yellow. The street lamps hadn’t come on yet—it was only twilight.

The passersby ignored the sights beyond the storefronts and cars driving past on the roads. They chattered amongst themselves, oblivious to their own worlds. Some stopped in front of windows to examine storefront collages; some visited them to buy clothing, books, or drinks. None paid heed to the sky as it changed, none but a select sensitive few. Their clear eyes glanced skyward, drawn by a sudden sense of foreboding. A small group of street rats, spanging near Cold Stone Creamery, paused in their conversation to watch the sky.

Further down Mill, next to a white gazebo in an enclave from the street, a man who called himself Richard was doing a tarot reading. He had laid out his reading cloth with the most astute care, few wrinkles were visible on its surface. It aligned exactly with the lines-of-ley that passed through this place. He could not see them, nor had he known any evidence to their existence, but he knew that they were there, nonetheless. The cards sat in a neatly squared pile in the corner to his right. He was doing a reading for the city.

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