Chapter 0: Foundations

The CSC-PAC unit I ended up in expands to ‘Computer Systems Command for the Pacific [theater]’ and was located back toward the rear gate of Fort Shafter in the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It was composed of Special Army, Civil Service, and D-I-A ‘spooks’, and was there for the Army Supply System, Intelligence, and Nuclear Concerns. There was no internet, for this was long before Al Gore invented it. These days, I believe the place is called, still CSC, but as Computer Sciences Corporation, still at Fort Shafter. Also, Computer Security Concerns, at some point.

Since I had college learning yet fresh in my mind, as well as a year at IBM, I did well on the Army tests, and was able to choose my destination and duty, although drafted. The Captain back at my basic training at Fort Polk, had pulled me off of a nearly departing bus bound for my initial, provisional advanced training in artillery at Fort Sill, an order that had taken all this time, just weeks, actually, to get changed. He said I was going to work on a nuclear reactor. Well, that wasn’t quite it, or even close. I remained there as a Drill Sergeant for a month before the Army got their act together.

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