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Everything In Moderation

How to chair, moderate and otherwise lead events

Tony Hallett

Copyright 2012 by Tony Hallett

Smashwords Edition

Ever had to take to a stage, to introduce colleagues, guests or various VIPs? If you have, well done – it’s not for the faint-hearted. This guide takes a simple starting point: that you need to perform this role. Maybe you’ve done it before, maybe not. Maybe you want to. Maybe you’ve just been told by your boss to make it happen. Whatever the scenario, for all of us improvement is possible. And most of you can come to enjoy moderating, however often you’re called upon.

The default scenario I’ll have in mind is that of a panel moderator, where the panel of three or more people either comprises a standalone event or is part of something wider, such as a conference.

Having said that, much of what follows should work well if you are introducing a single speaker, chairing a whole day of sessions or even hosting a debate on TV or radio.

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