Taken in the Dark

By Astrid Cherry

Copyright 2012 Astrid Cherry

Smashwords Edition

Tasia did not know where she was. There were shafts and spots of light near her, randomly, and few further away, but otherwise all was darkness. She was laying on her side. The floor beneath her was hard and cool, the air around her warm. She was naked. And she did not know where she was, nor how she had ended up here.

No, not naked. Just unclothed. There was something around her neck, her waist, her wrists and ankles. She stretched out her hand toward the closest pool of light, hearing a faint tinkling. The light revealed a thin bracelet of tiny silver bells. She lifted her leg and moved it. The same sounds came from lower down, in the dark.

I suppose, she thought, that I should be terrified. Why am I not scared at all? This must be something I wanted to do. But why can’t I remember?

Tasia stood up, her body making strange quiet music. She tried to look into the dark, get an idea of how large the room was, but her eyes could not pierce the blackness. She looked up, to gauge the height above her. She could follow the light up, but how far was it? She had no idea how to judge. She resolved to move from light to light, to explore the space around her.

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