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The Adventure of Anna the Great

Chapter I - My Only Chance for Adventure

On a September evening in 1862, I stood in front of the mirror in my cousin Celeste’s room, snipping a pair of scissors in the air. I knew it was probably not the most important action of my life. It just felt like it.

I was fourteen, and even so, I did look more like a boy than a girl. Even with long hair—long, stringy, nut brown hair that hung limp as a rag mop. It would be no great loss. I grabbed a handful of it, raised my scissors and began to cut.

The door opened behind me. I wheeled around, expecting my Aunt Elfreda, but it was only Celeste, who was sneaking in loudly. Celeste was not good at the cloak and dagger side of things.

Everything is just ready....” When she saw what I was doing she gasped. “Oh, Anna, no! Not your hair!”

A girl’s appearance was very important to Celeste, but then she was truly lovely. Her skin was translucent and glowing, like a pearl. Her eyes were large, and her little mouth was red and round. Her body was rounded too, and already quite feminine.

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