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Chance and Charlie

Published by Sally Singer and Linda Guarin at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Sally Singer and Linda Guarin

"Chance, it's morning and time to wake up. Here, eat your breakfast," Mom said to the pup. "The sun is bright and it's a beautiful day. There is much to explore. Go outside and play."

Chance got up, stretched and picked up his bone. He then trotted to the front door of his home.

When Chance was outside, he looked all around. He rolled in the grass that was covering the ground.

Then, a strange smell blew through the fence. And suddenly, Chance's body became tense. Through his gate, he saw a BIG dog in the street. His ears perked up and his heart skipped a beat.

A huge dog, named Bud, was headed his way. Bud snarled and said, "Who is this stray?" "Hi, my name is Chance. I just moved to town." Bud growled back, "New dogs make me frown. This is my turf. I don't like strangers." The way Bud talked made Chance sense danger.

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