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the untold...

Darrilyn M Wilson

Author’s Comment...

If you are a person who values honesty and is willing to apply that trait to truly knowing the answers to life’s more profound questions and ‘the untold’ about it, then what you are about to read will excite you. Today most people no longer view spiritual matters the same way their parents or grandparents did, yet the questions we have regarding life remains the same. You know the questions. What is life all about, what is its meaning and purpose and where do we really go from here, kinds of questions? Have you ever wondered why humanity is so advanced in some areas of life, for example technology, yet spiritually speaking still hangs on to ancient concepts that people who thought the Earth was flat, had? Why does intellectual consideration and higher understanding of these things not factor in? Why the dumb-down when it comes to things like God? What about our spiritual evolution? What is preventing us from changing and moving forward? Have we not arrived at the time yet to have spiritual answers that actually fit our level of intelligence and sophistication and are in fact, more hopeful, more user-friendly, less frightening and yes more honest? Why can we not go spiritually where the brave venture to go with great gusto in things like technology? Why or what keeps holding us back? Hmmm. Yes. Why and what indeed! I will tell you ‘why’ and ‘what’ in this book and more. You are about to discover how you can become part of a brave new world, a world willing to evolve and move forward with an enlightened vision of what it means to be civilized spiritually. Perhaps then, together, we will not only be able to move ahead in these areas of our lives, we will fix this planet in the process.

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