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Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” blasted through the car speakers. As the music flowed out of Chris’ Mustang convertible, he held on tight to my waist, swaying me back and forth in a slow dance. He placed a small kiss on my forehead as the song continued. As I leaned my head on Chris’s shoulder, still holding on to him, I felt this was the perfect night, my fairy-tale night.

Chris had parked his car at the end of a hill that overlooked the nearby lake in our town. He popped his sister’s Celine Dion CD in, pulled me out of the car, and slow danced with me. The moon reflected onto the lake, with ripples folding around its white, glowing twin in the water. Numerous stars were scattered over the sky that resembled a black, velvet blanket. My bare feet stumbled every so often on the dry grass as I followed Chris’ lead in the dance, but he held on so tight that I never fell to the ground. All I could do was grin, a grin that showed I was in love. As the song faded out, Chris slowed down and began gently letting go of me.

I think I just might love you,” I whispered.

Chapter 1

I cannot believe you get every dreamy guy that has ever walked the planet! Every romantic one, every gorgeous one, everyone!” my best friend, Ava Brank, shouted on the other end of the phone after I told her what Chris had done for me the previous night.

I knew she wasn’t telling the complete truth, but I let her make me feel good about myself for a few minutes. I sighed, smiled, and didn’t say anything.

Hulloh!” Ava shouted.

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