How to be a Good Inventor

By Jon W. Mooney

Copyright 2012 Jon W. Mooney

Smashwords Edition

illustrated by

Matthew R. Mooney

This book is dedicated to the inventive kid who likes to take things apart just to see how they work.

You know who you are.

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Hi! I'm Max IQ.

So you want to be an Inventor? Great!

I started inventing when I was a kid like you and I'm still at it. Let me tell you some important things I've learned about how to be a good inventor.

What things do you consider to be inventions? Most people only think of things like computers and lasers but all new products which are unlike anything seen before are inventions too. The first personal stereo, the first electric toaster and the first baseball game were all new inventions once.

My favorite inventor from history is Ben Franklin. Not only was Ben a good inventor but he was also a smart LEGISLATOR. When he and the other founding fathers wrote the Constitution of the United States they made sure to include an article which encourages people to invent. This article says that inventors can receive a PATENT for their invention. A patent says that nobody can use the invention without the inventor's permission. This guarantees that the inventor will make the most money from the invention.

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