101 Autodesk® Maya® Tips

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A big thanks to Eric Regener for his proovereeding werk.

About the Author

Dave Girard is a Montreal-based art director and 3D illustrator who has written for Ars Technica, Vice and Macworld. His Polygons Pixels and Paint blog is a respected source of Maya and 3D workflow techniques. He is also the author of popular Maya scripts V-Ray Tuner and Facer.

Operating Systems and Maya Compatibility

Where the tips here involve OS-specific commands, I’ve tested them with Mac OS X 10.7.3, Windows 7 64-bit and CentOS Linux 5.6 (RHEL). I can’t guarantee they will work on earlier versions or different distros but close variants of each OS should be fine. Where MEL scripts have been used, all have been tested in Maya 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Who This Guide is for

This guide is written for a broad set of users but it assumes you know how to do basic things like switch between menu sets with F-keys and have at least a beginner's handling of the Maya application. Where code is given, it’s short and I think it's still very accessible to users not familiar with programming.

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