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And to everyone out there, making a positive difference to keep America beautiful.


1- Introduction: How this book came about.

2- The Founding of a Great Nation continued today??

3- Some touchy subjects.

4- It is Election Time!!

5- Republicans versus Democrats versus Communists.

6- Would you allow a Communist to run for the White House??

7- The impact of taking responsibility, one level deeper.

8- What is happening today?


This book will make statements that could be offensive to you. If so, please think again and continue reading. The truth is often offensive if we don't want to face it. The best thing to do while reading this book is to evaluate one self where you fit in all of this. And I request a true and honest evaluation. This book talks a lot about taking responsibility, and if you are not honest about evaluating yourself, you are missing the essence of this book.

The author realizes that the statements in this book might seem harsh and confronting, and they might not always apply to everyone. If you are reading this and feel it doesn't apply to you, re-evaluate over and over. Nobody is perfect, and there will be issues discussed in this book that do apply to you at some level. There is always room for improvement.

Keep in mind that the author did not study political science. This book is based on observations and discussions with Americans, viewed from the perspective of an immigrant, and from experience the author has had in his home country. But even though that could possibly cause some partially incorrect statements, it doesn't change the overall concept brought to you by the author.

I hope that in spite of having to start this book with these words, you will still enjoy the read, and I surely hope and believe that you will learn more than you might expect.

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