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About the authors

Dr Rodney Ford is a paediatric gastroenterologist, allergist and nutrition consultant. Former Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the Christchurch School of Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand. Recognized worldwide as an expert on adverse food reactions, food allergy, eczema, coeliac disease, gluten problems and author of “The Gluten Syndrome”. (see more details at the end of this ebook).

Chris Ford has been working in the gluten-free area for many years. She has helped many patients adapt to their gluten-free lifestyle. She has assembled a valuable collection of recipes and ideas. She now helps you to go gluten-free.



Chapter 1. How to start your pantry and design a menu
What to do first
The basic foods
Let’s go shopping
The basic shopping list
What can I make?
A 7-day menu planner for your first gluten-free week.

Chapter 2. What ingredients should be avoided?
Additives that DO or MIGHT contain gluten
Main points to understand
The 1400 Range: additive numbers 1400-1450
Other additives:
The long list of gluten foods
Glucose syrup (derived from wheat) - is there any gluten in it?
Organic four and Spelt flour – is it okay?
Hidden gluten - industrial foods
Avoid packet foods
How can I lower my gluten-free food bill?
Can the whole family go gluten-free?
How strict do I have to be?
What happens if I do not follow strictly the gluten-free diet?
How long do I have to be gluten-free?

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