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Quite an interesting subject you’ve found yourselves on. I should know.” Dertrik turned, his face as unreadable as stone. Reniko on the other hand displayed her anger without abash.

Well bless me. I guess I should be more careful not to praise my protégé when she may be nearby. I might start giving her ideas.

Reniko, I believe you know my father, Kellen, and my brother, Skylar,” he finished gesturing to the two men opposite of him.

It was now Reniko’s turn to feel embarrassed and her face reddened in response. She could now see the family resemblance of the three men and vaguely recalled meeting them once when she was very young. She recalled the encounter as being brief and more of an approval rating than an actual meeting.

My apologies, I did not recognize you. It’s been so long. I believe the last time you two were here, Dertrik had just decided to train me in the Blade.” Dertrik gestured for her to join them and she sat down in the remaining chair trying to regain her composure. She felt silly for getting angry like that; she knew Dertrik better than to think he would do her any harm. She was shocked at how quick she was to judge him and sank deeper into her chair. She was sure that Dertrik would not have done the same thing had he been in her situation. That thought mollified her remaining anger and she smiled weakly at the Ravvons.

You sure have grown into quite the woman,” Skylar said, giving Dertrik a fierce glance, “and I hear you’ve completed your training with my younger brother here.”

Reniko looked at Skylar questioningly. The look on Skylar’s face had not escaped her. She was feeling uncomfortable again, suddenly aware that the atmosphere at the table was unfriendly. “Yes, I have. Though I think that there is so much more I could learn from Dare. He has secrets that he keeps from me.”

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