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Little Grasshopper Jump! Jump! Jump!

By Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

Once upon a time, in a little glade of trees near a house there lived a small grasshopper named George. George was a typical grasshopper, and loved to eat grass and other grains, like rye, corn, and oats. He also loved to jump! And he was quite good at jumping.

George’s body was covered by a hard exoskeleton and had three parts: a head, thorax and abdomen. He also had two pairs of wings, two antennae and six jointed legs. His short front legs were for walking. He also used them to hold food. The long hind legs were for jumping!

George jumped one day higher than he had ever tried in all his life. His reason for doing this was that the little boy who lived in the house had discovered him in the street and was trying to catch him for fun. Poor George! He jumped as fast away as he could go but suddenly was caught in the boy’s hands.

“Will you look at this little guy!” said the little boy. “He’s so cute!” But, being a good little boy, the child put the grasshopper back down in the street rather than squishing him. Lucky George! He hopped away, a little dizzy at first from being held.

George found a nice little quiet spot later that afternoon and began to sing. Did you know that grasshoppers can sing? Well, they can. And George sang well.

One afternoon several days later, a flock of sparrows and other small birds appeared in the tree in the yard. George was frightened, in case the birds wanted to eat him. A few sparrows descended to the grass looking for food.

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