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“I’ll see you in class tomorrow,” I said, wondering how long it would take her to get out of my car.

Susie gave me her familiar little grin of fake innocence.

I knew exactly what she was up to. It happened every time I dropped her off after one of our dates. The only things I was sure to miss about our bet were her attempts to seduce me.

I had to admit, I was pretty impressed with myself. I didn’t know how much self-control I actually possessed because I’d never had a reason to use it with any other girl. I might have a sexual drought for a while in between girlfriends but when I was in it, I was in it. And I’d never wanted any girl the way I wanted Susanna Lombardi.

The past two weekends were basically a fuck-fest. We had long, insatiable marathons of sex from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. The days in between those phenomenal weekends weren’t bad, either. I saw her every day--studying, working on the Management project, taking her out on dates, getting to know her better... falling deeper in love... wondering what the hell I was doing before I met her. She gave me a feeling I never knew existed. If I’d known about it, I might have actually tried to pursue it instead of just letting it find me. It felt like she was made for me. Like there was a mold somewhere called, ‘The Perfect Woman for Tyler Campbell,’ and it only existed to create the woman sitting there in my car.

What was it about her? I didn’t ask myself that question anymore. I’d been a content loner for most of my life, but being with her was a million times better than being alone. Even sitting beside her in silence made the silence better. But those times of silence were rare. We could talk about anything and we often did. Susie had quickly become my best friend.

The stronger my feelings grew, the more committed I became to winning that bet. I absolutely had to get her home to meet my family. At first it was because I thought it might help me win her over, like maybe if she met my family she’d get more attached to me. Maybe her own weird family issues would pale in comparison to mine and I could give her the family she’d never had.

But over time, my reasons changed. I was deep into this girl and I had to know if she was the one. I never even believed in the one before, even though Dad used to tease me that she was out there. I needed to know if Susie fit into my life. Not just my college life, but my real life. How would she get along with my family? Would she consider moving home with me? Would she like it there?

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