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What Others are Saying about Belonging

... already up to page 80 - can't put it down!

Jan Sandberg, Sydney

the text is very clear and readable. Dr Gabriel's story is actually a very good idea... and I think you execute it quite well. The medical scenes in particular are very vivid...

Zack Alexopoulos, Tutor, Sydney

I was quite enthralled with the story…I got so I could hardly stop reading... the types of illnesses, diseases, misadventures, are relived vividly…. The photos too....were quite illuminating .... I succumbed to the National Library website and went through the whole 900 images!

Judy Newton, Sydney

a very sure accomplished style with great feel for detail and idiom.’ There is so much in it which is fresh and new.

Milorad Pavlovic, Editor, Writer

the novel lovingly but unromantically recreates a fascinating slice of Australia’s past...It is a great tale...

Independent review, WordPress

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