A Dish Best Served

J. Richard Singleton

Copyright J. Richard Singleton 2011

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8th Grade - May

I can't tell Momma what's wrong. I can't talk to anyone ever again.

She began rubbing me and getting me ready. Like the people in dad's secret movie stash before he left us. Then Dina left to get a napkin to clean up afterward, she said.

All of a sudden, the screen was pushed away.

So I stood in the middle of the cafeteria, my thing hanging out and forward. Children pointed and laughed—everyone pointed and laughed. One girl called me squirrel-dick. I tried to cover myself with a tray, but that made it worse. I started to cry, and THAT made it worse.


I discovered two things today: 1) When a boy "gets going," he can't turn it off, no matter how many guys are watching 2) Dina Rigby must pay.

8th Grade - June

The day that Dina did that to me, I was sent to the nurse's office cuz they didn't know where else to send me. I spent the rest of the day there. They called Momma but I gots home and erase the message from the machine before she could hear it. School is really over, so I think nothing else is gonna happen to me. I'm not really in trouble. Dina should be in trouble, but I never told anyone about this. I need to get her but I don't know how.

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