Moose in the Sprinklers

By Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

Picture by J Schmidt 1977, NPS in public domain

One day on the edge of the city of Anchorage, Alaska, a young moose cow was wandering in the woods outside a house. She was just looking for food and had come into the city hoping to find some. She hadn’t intended to go into the city, but had made her way from the forests into town gradually.

As the seven foot tall moose cow came to the woods behind a house, she saw something strange. There were sprinklers on in the back yard. Well, the young moose cow had never seen anything like them before! She ventured timidly to the edge of the house’s back yard, where there were shrubs and pretty flowers in rows. Then, she decided to go ahead and step into the yard to see what the sprinklers were all about. On accident, she knocked over a ceramic pot with flowers in it. Startled a bit by the noise of the pot when it broke, she nonetheless progressed into the yard, still curious about the sprinklers.

After deciding to go into the yard, the young moose cow finally reached the sprinklers and started to play. She jumped a bit, and walked a bit over them, getting wet and letting the spray soak her feet. She moved about and felt the water the water at her feet. It was fun! She loved the sprinklers!

As the young moose cow played in the sprinklers, the people in the house began to take notice of her. They were looking outside the window, and saw the young moose cow, lightly jump over the sprinklers! They were amazed by her antics in the yard. She seemed delighted by the water.

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