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"I placed the most precious thing in my life in your hands, and you people did not take your job seriously."

Catrine Teddi

THE PERFECT SOLUTION-A Suspense of Choices


Ey Wade

Anger destroys a relationship.

A teenage babysitter decides to go to college.

A single parent places her child in daycare.

A three year old is mistakenly given to a stalker by his pre-school teacher.

When Saturday mornings rolled around, Catrine Teddi would bring her three year old son Brhin to eat breakfast at Mc Donald’s. It was an established routine to mark a day of errands and familial bonding. She never paid attention to Mona Boots sitting in the shadows across the play yard watching the little boy.

Mona, deciding she wanted Brhin as her own, spent weeks stalking him and his mother. In her delusion that she is finally doing something right in her life, she enters The Perfect Solution Childcare Center and leaves with Brhin-Kristoffer Teddi in her arms. It’s a choice she is prepared to defend.

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