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What Others are Saying about BOURNE

"With rapier sharp wit and a thoroughly romantic cast, Bergren's exceptional story-weaving skills shimmer across the River of Time series. Capturing the same spirit of adventure found in the first three books, Bourne is an absolute gem—romantic fantasy at its addictive best." ~Serena Chase, reviewer for USA Today's Happy Ever After blog and

"To say I love this series doesn't even cover it. The adventure, the romance, the chivalry, the humor and the (sometimes) terror all continue in Bourne...The only complaint was that this was a novella, and the story over too soon. If I could, I would beg Lisa Bergren to write a sweeping thousand-page chronicle of these girls and their adventures. But even that would probably not be enough." ~Lori Twichell,

"Fans of the River of Time just can't get enough of medieval Italy, hunky knights in shining armor, and the lovable, sassy, sword-wielding, 21st century sisters, Gabi and Lia. Bourne is a tantalizing glimpse into the post-Torrent lives of the beloved Betarrini ‘She-Wolves’ and their handsome knights. Readers will swoon as the romance between Lia and Luca takes center stage...and the story moves into the assassin-filled forests of Tuscany. Fans--old and new--will be left only wanting one thing: more, more, more!" ~Madeleine,

“Honour. Sacrifice. Love. Make no mistake, words such as these are the lifeblood of Lisa T Bergren's River of Time series, and Bourne breathes life once again into the Bettarini sisters, their heroic Italian knights and the enigmatic Lord Rodolfo Greco. Bourne picks up where Torrent left off, as Marcello, Luca and Greco return from battle with physical wounds and emotional scars that are dangerously unseen. Written from both Gabi and Lia's perspectives, the girls continue to grapple with their 14th century home and the need to hide their true origins. Gabi realizes her new role at the castello brings unexpected responsibilities and sacrifice; Lia is forced to confront her feelings over the men in her life; Greco's reckless behaviour exposes his unfathomable pain; and Luca is forced to face his fears. Bergren's writing is evocative and intense, brilliantly captivating with a timeless appeal to any lover of exceptional storytelling. Bourne is an impressive addition to the unmissable River of Time series ~ simply put, I loved it and desperately want some more!”

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