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A Simple Gift

How did I come by this manuscript? I know it’s Sherlockian tradition to explain to one’s readers how a story like this was given to the supposed author. My explanation is lacking in melodrama and intrigue, so I feel there is no need to go into minute detail with it. Suffice it to say, I received the handwritten tale from a friend as a gift, the friend being a great granddaughter of Mr. Cobbett. Her grandmother had inherited a certain briefcase, with a certain package in it, which when unwrapped was found to be the story of the childhood of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Uninterested family members played hot potato with the manuscript for generations, until it reached the home and closet of my friend. She, quite honestly, gave it to me for my birthday once we reconnected after having fallen out of contact for years, and I shared with her my newly found Sherlockian passion. I did not undervalue what had fallen into my astonished hands, and decided to publish the tale under my name.

That’s it. I’m sorry I cannot dazzle you with a more involved etiology, but that is the way it happened. Enjoy!


The Holmes Boys:

Sherlock and Mycroft

by Mona Morstein

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