Something to Believe In

This story is a work of the author’s own opinion, not forced upon anyone. It may be taken as fiction or belief, but that is the opinion of the reader.


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Dedicated to those who believe in something, but don’t know what. Also, to those who are seeking a path to follow.

The Beginning

Before time began, there was God in heaven. God lived there with all his angels. One angel was God’s favorite, Lucifer. He was the most handsome angel of them all, but he was jealous when Christ assumed command over all the angelic host. He wanted that power for his own and came up with a plan to overthrow heaven.

Lucifer assembled the angelic host and told them the sweet liberty they had enjoyed had ended, for Christ had been appointed ruler. He assured them that he would no longer submit to this invasion of their rights, and would be commander of all who would submit and obey him.

This brought contention among the angels. Lucifer and his sympathizers were unhappy and rebelled against the authority of Christ. Angels that were loyal sought to reconcile this rebellion. They tried to reason with Lucifer and convince him that no less honor was his, but he refused to listen.

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