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Cum Here

My name is Rod, and I have a fetish.

It’s really that simple…the reason why at the age of twenty-two, I have still never had a girlfriend, nor wanted one for that matter. No one has ever understood, and after a few failed attempts to explain, I finally stopped trying.

It’s embarrassing to pay someone to fulfill your fantasies, but this was my last resort: a tiny little out of the way building set about thirty miles from the main highway. No other buildings were near it, and the road that led to it was a private drive. The Snatchbox is what the sign had said out front, and in the listing I’d found online. Any & Every Fantasy Fulfilled was the slogan and I was instantly relieved. Surely there were men out there that had weirder fantasies than I did.

One deep breath and I pressed the buzzer on the locked door, looking up so that my face was square with the mounted camera. The instructions I’d been given over the phone were clear and I made sure to follow them, opening my jacket wide to show that I wasn’t armed, and then turning in a full circle to show that there was no one hiding behind me. My breath held as the seconds passed, my body trembling with nervousness when a buzzing sound indicated that the door was unlocked.

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