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By Margaret Hurdman

Author and internationally acclaimed psychic medium Margaret Hurdman was bestowed the gift of Mediumship in her early thirties after open heart surgery, during which time she ‘died’ several times. The operation changed her life, not only physically, but also by opening her contact with the ‘Spirit world.’

Since that time, she has brought comfort and hope to many who have lost their loved ones and helped those troubled spirits finally to find peace and comfort in their own world. By doing so, she proved beyond doubt that there is life after death and love endures beyond the grave.

Margaret tells of many contacts, which she has experienced, from meeting a young World War One pilot who was killed in his plane landing in Ireland, to a party of a dozen Vikings who broke the door of her bedroom and marched out of the window on their way to the Spirit encampment. Not only dies she record every details of their dress but remembers how much they smelt!

Her services are eagerly sought and she travels internationally to demonstrate her gifts and bring people into contact with the Spirit World. Her own very personal story is full of compassion and yet is simply told.

Walking in Two Worlds. Copyright Margaret Hurdman 2012. Ads2life has published this revised digital e-book in February 2012. It has been edited by Don Hale OBE. No part of this book may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the author and/or the publishers. Margaret Hurdman is recognised as the author and copyright holder of this work. All rights are reserved as part of the copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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