The Summons

Terry Compton

Published by Terry Compton at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Terry Compton

Cover images courtesy of Yvonne Less &

Cover by Joleene Naylor

What nerve. Earth had been blockaded by warships from Uyoki and almost invaded by the Bugs, the Hanami Federation and pirates. Ron, Gus, Tik and their families with a little help from the Dar Es Salaam Traders had defeated all of them and then spent a month rescuing survivors from the battle. This should have been a major boost to the Charter Alliance but instead the Charter Council had summoned the trio and Earth officials to answer to charges of starting a galactic war. Would the Charter Alliance try to take away their space travel? Could the trio and their friends satisfy those who had brought the charges or would they wind up as a rouge solar system locked out of the Charter Alliance and their trading space?

Smashwords Edition

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