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The Beauty in the Beast


Copyright © 2012 Jessica D. Lightfoot

Smashwords Edition

After I published Catalyst Envisioned, supportive people just popped out of nowhere. Some I never thought would care one way or another if I had decided on this path or any other and some that I never doubted would be right by my side through the whole thing. There were complete strangers who took time out to stop by my website or Facebook page and just drop me a sweet line that always made me think maybe I'd made the right choice.

If you are one of those people who cared enough to ask questions or voice your opinions, this book is for you. Thank you so much for your support and constructive criticism. I love you all.

Chapter One

The goddess of love watched adamantly as the new goddess of wisdom unwisely sat in Death's chair. Literally. She was lowering her butt into the god of death and the underworld's chair.

Not a soul warned her as she wiggled around in the seat in the farthest, darkest corner of the great room. Love knew she should. Death was quite the bastard. And even though the seats weren't assigned and there was no name on that one, everybody stayed well away from it. Because honestly, who wanted to piss Death off?

War slid into the seat beside Love, smiling his mad ass off. "What do you think the bastard will do?" She had to force herself to look away from him and over at Wisdom.

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