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Fred the Ferret

By Anne Spackman

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

All rights reserved.

Cover Art by littleulvar

Once upon a time, in a two-story house on Maple Street, lived a pet ferret named Fred. Fred was a young ferret male, called a hob. He was agile and quick, and had a very long body, strong little claws, and a tiny, cute face.

Like most ferrets, Fred loved to play around. For instance, Fred loved the vacuum cleaner. It had a tube extension to it that sucked in dust. Fred’s owner, Mr. Smith, would show the vacuum to Fred, and Fred would have to jump away from it and run away. Fred loved to jump all of the time! He loved to bolt across the room! He played jumping games, jumping from the chair onto the desk, just to have a look about. He usually made a big mess there on the desk by scattering the papers on top of it. Fred had toys that the Smith family used to play with him, and Fred also liked to roll about in bed. Fred slept a long time every day, as most ferrets do, sleeping more than fourteen hours a day!

One afternoon, Fred saw that the back sliding door of the house was open, and he decided to slip outside and have an adventure! Uh-oh! What trouble and mischief could Fred get himself into outside?

Fred jumped into the back yard. Outside, it was a sunny day, the tiny birds were chirping and singing, and the sprinklers were on. Fred hurried away from the water that was sprinkling him and getting him wet. He didn’t like being sprinkled with water, even though he never minded getting a bath when he was dirty.

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