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Sub Rosa

A novella by Alex Wilson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Alex Wilson

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Sub Rosa a novella by Alex Wilson

1995, Zagreb, Serbia:

Radovan Milos sits smoking his pipe and scheming in the book-upholstered study of his well worn apartment in the ‘academic quarter’. His gaze through the window is toward the familiar rooftops and distant onion dome steeples but his focus is only on decisions and actions that must be made.

Zagreb is the capital of a defeated, war torn country. Serbia is in shambles, defeated. Bitterness abounds. Croats and Muslims being protected. Serbian patriots being accused of war crimes. The US is behind it all. Al Qaeda has the right idea. The USA must be brought to its knees. All this bombing and destruction of our beloved Serbian homeland was supposed to be a NATO operation by the united Europe. Do they think they are talking to children? What NATO force? Unless you’re on the moon, it should be abundantly clear that we have an American Air Force and American Army operating under a NATO flag. Europe provides weak support but it is the USA that has interfered with the cleansing of our country and has killed honorable Serbian citizens. Do they think they can do these things without consequences, without retribution? Americans are ignorant. No sense of history. Few speak other languages or know the roots of old tensions, scores not yet settled.

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