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Spider in my Soup

By Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

One day, on a cold winter’s afternoon, I was preparing some hot soup in my kitchen. I was really cold, and I wanted something warm to eat to warm me up on the inside.

In the meantime, there was a tiny spider named Gordon living in the house. He wasn’t a big spider, or a scary spider, but just a teensy little house spider who stayed in the corner by the wall. He lived on catching and eating small insects. He had once made a big web in the corner, where he lived. But recently, Gordon the spider had found that there were no more bugs there, so he had moved up to the ceiling. He was always in search of food and now needed to make a new home. He would soon spin a new spider’s web, once he found just the right place to make it.

As strange as it may seem, that day Gordon decided to come down towards the kitchen table in his search for a new home. He needed a new place to make his web. Just at that moment, I was bringing my soup over to the table. I set it down and went away to let it cool off a bit. I also needed to get some juice and some bread to go with it.

While I was gone, little Gordon the spider decided to come down on his thread towards the soup. He didn’t mean to fall in, but just then, he did! Now poor Gordon was swimming on top of the hot soup!

A minute later, I came back to get my soup. I sat down to eat, lifted the spoon, and much to my surprise, saw a tiny spider floating on the top of my soup!

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