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Some years ago I wrote a technical book which was published by a world renowned publisher. It was a steep learning curve initially, but I have since been invited to write other books by the same publisher.

This has led to a small library of books (translated into several languages) on which I now receive a passive income stream in the form of royalties. I can still do a day job as once the books are published they need no further input from me. All I do is to bank the royalty payments every quarter.

Writing a book is not that difficult to do. Many people have specialist knowledge that they use every day in their job or at home or in a specialist hobby and writing is just a means of sharing this knowledge with other people. You may think that your knowledge is insignificant but there are always a number of people who are glad to share your knowledge.

My specialist knowledge is writing computer programs for Microsoft Excel and Access. Over the years I have built up an encyclopaedic knowledge of this and I was fortunate enough to be able to write world class books on the subject.

This book will show how to develop a simple idea, how to market it to publishers and ultimately to earn a good royalty from this. If you can do this then you will achieve a passive income stream.

I wrote a technical book that as it happened turned out to be a successful world class book that was published by a major USA publisher.

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