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“Mom, maybe Dahlia is just visiting,” I said, hopefully.

But she just shook her head and walked away.

Nothing could be done about my mother. I had accepted that, after all these years. As a child, I had believed everything she told me, but now I barely listened to her. I was in my own world now. I had friends at school that I hung out with. Cool friends. Ones I could talk to, and share important messages, especially about boys.

Those were things you just couldn’t talk to your mother about.

“I’m going out, mom,” I said, putting on my jacket. It was early spring and the weather was still too cool to go out without a coat. I could hardly wait for the really warm days when I could hang out at the lake with my friends. Those were the fun times.

“Don’t be late,” my mother called.

“I won’t mom,” I replied, already halfway down the walk. “Don’t wait up for me.”

She said something but I didn’t hear it, which is just as well. I wanted to be free tonight.

I found Darlene at the mall with Joey, her new boyfriend. They looked dopey together. And I wasn’t just saying that because I was jealous. He was way too short for her. I told her that, but of course she wouldn’t listen, being all wrapped up in her infatuation.

“Hi, Darl,” I said, completely ignoring Joey.

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