Yes?” the professor acknowledged the lady to my left who was raising her hand.

I’m from Australia.” She paused as if waiting for the class’s attention. “My name is Mayra.”

Teacher Jerry’s face lit up. “That’s awesome! The land down under! Do you eat vegemite?”

Of course,” was Mayra’s response.

It wasn’t only the professor. Something about Mayra seemed off too. Maybe it was because she was much older than the rest of the class.

Teacher Jerry clapped his hands. “Will you bring some next class for us to taste?”

She nodded.

I studied her, reflecting on my peculiar feelings toward her, wondering how I could be so small-minded as to judge a complete stranger.

What do you do for fun, Mayra?”

She paused in contemplation and then smirked. “Eat vegemite.” That got a rise out of the class.

The introductions continued along one long side of the table, around the end, and back up my side. The fellow to my right finished his introduction, and then it was my turn.

I’m Heather Robbins.” I smiled, forcing all the muscles in my body to relax.

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