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By Thomas P. Hopp

A “Dinosaur Tale” Short Story

Smashwords Edition copyright 2012 Thomas P. Hopp

Author’s note: In this story, as in others of my Dinosaur Tales series, I’ve assigned myself the task of getting up close and personal with one of the incredible creatures that lived at the end of the Cretaceous Era. This story’s focus is on pachyrhinosaurus, a cousin of triceratops that lived in what is now northwestern Canada and Alaska. A story wouldn’t be a story without some human interest though, and in this case Kit Daniels is front and center again. She’s on a wildlife observing expedition into wintery Yellowstone National Park with her mentor, the ever-cantankerous Dr. David Ogilvey. Of course, when dinosaurs are involved, wildlife observation can be a dangerous task.

As you read of Kit’s escapades I hope you’ll also give some thought to the new view of pachyrhinosaurus I’ve painstakingly woven into this piece after much research on the subject. The latest scientific discoveries have shed new light on a creature that, I’m convinced, will put an end to the old notion of dinosaurs as sluggish animals adapted only to the soft conditions of the tropics. Here, I’ve reflected the discoveries of dinosaur diggers around the world and especially on the far north slope of Alaska, where great herds of pachyrhinosaurs roamed in conditions anything but tropical.

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