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Jodie walked in and gave me an inquisitive look. “Did I hear you talking to Stan?” She asked.

I forced a smile. “Right. He’s coming home early. He’ll be here the day after tomorrow.”

Jodie gave me a hard look. I guess she saw the fear in my eyes. What had I done? “Is everything all right?” she asked.

Another forced smile. “Yeah, Stan’s a little upset that the CDA is putting up Dusty’s bond.”

The CDA?”

Yeah, wait ’til he finds out I just deposited a $50,000 check from them into our account.”

Jodie’s mouth dropped. “You didn’t?”

Listen, Jodie. You’ve got to help me out here. I’ve heard you complain that Stan’s too easy on his clients and often works for nothing, right?”

Yes. But the CDA is a terrorist organization.”

Well, do you think Dusty could have paid us to defend him?”

She shrugged. “I guess not, but—”

So, when the CDA offered to fund the case I jumped at it. Nobody’s going to think badly of us because we took the CDA’s money. It doesn’t mean we support them or have anything to do with them. Attorneys take money from criminals and drug dealers every day. It’s no big deal.”

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